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The Hypehn BioMed range of assays for measuring heparin includes two anti-Xa based methods and two anti-lla based methods (both with a kinetics mode and two-stage assay). There are many possibilities to test Unfractionated Heparin (UFH) and Low molecular Weight Heparin (LMWH) by their anti-Xa or anti-lla activites. We've got a full range of calibrators and controls for assays involving heparin and heparin-like substances. Concentrations are established by reference to international standards (when available). We follow NIBSC International Standards for UFH and LMWH. Good news - 510k products are available. We offer a complete range of ready to use kits for Heparin anti-lla and Xa activity both for plasma and purified systems. We also offer a full range of reagents (substrates, ATIII, Xa and Thrombin) for setting up your own Heparin anti-lla or Xa activity assay. We can also provude cutsom made kits based on your needs.

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Technical Files

BIOPHEN Heparin (LRT) | HYPHEN BioMed, July 2010

BIOPHEN Heparin Anti-IIa (2 stages) | Véronique Penissard - HYPHEN BioMed

BIOPHEN Heparin Anti-Xa (2 stages) | Véronique Penissard - HYPHEN BioMed

BIOPHEN Heparin | Jean Amiral - HYPHEN BioMed


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BIOPHEN DiXai Powerpoint | Jonas Kingo - Aniara

Laboratory Assays for New Anticoagulants used for Curative Indications | Jean Amiral and Anne Marie Vissac - HYPHEN BioMed

The Leading Company for Updated Chromogenic Assays | Aniara

BIOPHEN Heparin Complete Range of Kits for Measuring Heparin Concentrations | Véronique Penissard - HYPHEN BioMed

Comparison of Two Anti-Xa Heparin Assays that use a Single (Hybrid) Calibration Curve for Unfractionated and Low Molecular Weight Heparin | McGlasson DL, Fritsma GA - Wilford Hall Medical Center

Analysis of the AT III Effect in the BIOPHEN Heparin Device | Jean Amiral - HYPHEN BioMed

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